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Respect your feet

Burgund Shoes

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Burgund Shoes

We are inspired by the powerfull colour of an ancestral drink. That's why we are BurgundShoes and that´s the reason why we name our shoe models with grape names. If you like what you see you can help us spreading the word by sharing our twitter and facebook accounts. Thanks!

Our Story

BurgundShoes are Ramón and Pedro, a wholelife couple of friends who grew up in a small town called A Coruña. Our designs are inspired by the sea, the wind, the sun and the clouds... We enjoy the moment in a place where the rain and the sun use to mix up making rainbows so we need a versatile shoe to wear in multiple conditions.

Respect your feet

It means that we try to create the most comfortable shoes by choosing the finest materials, BurgundShoes are made to last so we need the factories to be as near as we can from our hometown, this is the way that we can be present at every step of the procces taking care that our shoes are going to feel and look better every time you wear them.


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